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AIFMD Webinar – Impact on US hedge fund managers

Many non EU alternative investment fund managers will be impacted by the AIFMD legislation, in particular if they market their alternative investment fund (whether they are EU or non EU funds) to European professional investors. Listen to Bill Prew discuss the impact of the Alternive Investment Fund Managers Directive on US hedge fund managers, in this webinar in conjunction with Eze Castle Integration.

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UK leads 12-state rebellion against EC hedge fund rules

Most European alternative investment fund managers are now resigned to the fact they will need to very shortly comply with the AIFMD. The evolution of the legislation has been a long and painful journey (going back to early 2009) and yet much still remains unclear. The frustrations felt by most in the alternative funds industry are reflected by 12 EU regulators (including the UK) in this unprecedented statement to the European Commission.  Sadly, it is too late to make a difference!

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Approach to investor transparency still unclear

Investor transparency was the subject of debate at a recent hedge fund seminar in London. Issues such as offering different levels of transparency to different types of investors and the regulatory and legal risks hedge fund managers could face as a result were a key theme. Different panellists had different views about how to manage this risk. This article published in HFM Week explains some of the issues:

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AIFMD Countdown – February 2013

Bill Prew continues his monthly blog on developments in AIFMD, covering progress during February. While some progress has been made – notably the issue of the final Remuneration Guidelines – with only 150 days to go to the July 22 implementation date, there is still uncertainty around how the AIFMD will be implemented by the majority of EU member states; in particular around national private placement regimes post AIFMD, and the application of the transitional provisions and the date from which managers will need to be AIFMD compliant.

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Beyond trading: Building a business as an emerging manager

Bill Prew of INDOS Financial joins a panel of industry experts to discuss the key considerations to meet the needs of, and attracting, institutional investors. The panel discusses issues such as service provider selection, how to meet the expectations of institutional investors and what the future holds particularly in the area of ever increasing regulation of alternative investment fund managers.

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