Corporate responsibility

PRI Educate Global Fund Triple P Capital
  • Our People We actively nurture diversity in our workforce and provide career and educational development opportunities to our staff. We are also committed to supporting the communities that we work in and operate sustainably, ensuring that we work towards minimising our environmental footprint.
  • Our Work We work with organisations that share our values. We are a Service Provider signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI). Our work supports financial and economic stability, and we provide firms with monitoring, oversight and advisory support to support their responsible investment practices.
  • Our Communities As part of our corporate responsibility ethos, we undertake work for impact or purpose-led investment funds, including those designed to address the challenges outlined in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

For example, we provide depositary services to:

Educate Global Fund – Educate Global makes private equity investments in purpose-led businesses to deliver strong returns and improve education delivery, initially within East Africa. The team invests into five high-growth industries: Health, Nutrition, Sanitation, Energy and Technology, with a direct impact on the educational outcomes of children and young people.

Triple P Capital – an investment manager which focuses on high-growth businesses that reach emerging consumers in Southeast Asia. Triple P focuses on promoting financial inclusion, and in 2017 launched the first financial services impact private equity fund dedicated to Southeast Asia.